Comprehensive Dental Exams

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Comprehensive Dental Exams in Sainte-Catherine

Dental health is one of the most important aspects of your overall physical health. More than just protecting your smile, comprehensive dental exams in Sainte-Catherine look at teeth, soft tissue, gums, and even your jawbone to help plan and follow a long-term dental care plan.

Comprehensive dental exams in Sainte-Catherine can also include cleaning and tartar removal, just like a standard dental checkup.

You can get the most comprehensive dental exams in Sainte-Catherine by visiting Clinique Dentaire PG. With more than 22 years of practice in the local community, our team has the experience and the skill to deliver the best care during your next dental appointment.

What’s Involved in Comprehensive Exams?

Comprehensive exams involve more than just checking teeth, gums, and the visible soft tissues in the mouth. Our comprehensive exams cover all aspects of your medical history and can include thorough checks depending on any treatments or problems that you have had in the past.

  • Comprehensive exams begin with a consultation. We’ll talk about your history, any dental issues you’ve been dealing with, and the overall long-term picture of your dental health. We’ll detail all the steps that will be included in your comprehensive dental checkup.
  • We’ll access all of your available medical histories with your permission. This includes past or ongoing medical conditions that could affect your dental health. Any medication that you’re taking or treatments you are undergoing with physicians and specialists will be considered in the context of your dental health.
  • At Clinique Dentaire PG we believe in good lifestyle choices to protect dental health. Comprehensive exams involve an evaluation and conversation surrounding your diet. Some dietary choices can increase the risk of cavities and other problems, so it’s important to discuss these.
  • Risk factors are assessed (such as existing disease, sports you play, activities you are interested in, etc.) to determine anything that could compromise your oral health.
  • Comprehensive exams in Sainte-Catherine can include neck and head exams to check for any unusual lumps, bumps, or swelling. The temporomandibular joint can be evaluated to see if there are any problems caused by bite pressure or bruxism (tooth grinding).
  • Soft oral tissues are examined everywhere in your mouth including the sides and back of the mouth, the tongue, throat, and tonsils. This can identify dental issues as well as the warning signs of oral cancer.
  • We’ll check your gum health using periodontal probes. Any sign of periodontal disease (gum disease) will be noted so that we can develop a treatment plan. We can look for signs of gum recession that could indicate future complications.
  • Of course, your teeth will be inspected. We’ll inspect fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and look for cavities and fractures. Previous dental work will be checked to see if it needs maintenance or replacement. We’ll check that your bite is aligned. X-ray imaging may be needed to look beyond what our doctors can see on the surface of teeth.

This comprehensive process aims to discover problems in their early stages, determine if old dental work needs maintenance, and plan your treatment and dental checkups in the years to come.