Dental Bonding

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Dental Bonding in Sainte-Catherine

Are you lacking a feeling of confidence when you smile and speak? If you have imperfections in your teeth like cracks, chips, and gaps, you may be the perfect patient for dental bonding in Sainte-Catherine.

More affordable than other treatments like veneers, dental bonding in Sainte-Catherine provides similar results in the right cases. The treatment is fast and simple and can usually be completed in just a single visit.

The procedure isn’t as destructive to the surface of the tooth when compared to veneers, and cosmetic bonding can give you a full smile with the bonding material colour-matched to your existing teeth.

Learn about dental bonding in Sainte-Catherine with the team at Clinique Dentaire PG.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a procedure performed to repair cosmetic and some structural imperfections in teeth. A composite resin is applied to teeth and molded to suit the natural contours. It can correct problems with shape, size, and blemishes like chips and cracks.

Dental bonding in Sainte-Catherine requires some etching on the surface of the tooth for adhesion, but this isn’t as extensive as the grinding required to place porcelain dental veneers.

Bonding is popular for its affordability, immediate results, and easy maintenance. Many of our patients visit us for cosmetic bonding. We also perform dental bonding as a restorative procedure when teeth are damaged.

The composite resin can be shade-matched to your teeth for a natural aesthetic.

Our team will evaluate your unique case to determine if dental bonding is the best solution for restoration. For cosmetic issues, bonding is generally suitable for all patients, although we do offer more long-lasting solutions like dental veneers. We’ll explore all the available options in your initial consultation.

Cosmetic Bonding Teeth Before and After – What to Expect

You’ve searched for a cosmetic bonding dentist near me, and you’re wondering about the results. Bonding is known to cosmetically restore teeth while also providing some protection.

For gaps, chips, and other imperfections, this is what you can expect with cosmetic bonding teeth before and after:

  • Gaps in Teeth Cosmetic Bonding Teeth Before and After: Dental
    bonding can increase the size of teeth and create a more regular shape and can be used to fill in the excessive gaps between teeth.
  • Chips in Teeth Cosmetic Bonding Teeth Before and After: Chips can be
    repaired with dental bonding in Sainte-Catherine. Dr. Ghatas will shape the composite resin to match the missing natural contour of the tooth or teeth being treated.
  • Lines and Cracks Cosmetic Bonding Teeth Before and After:
    Composite resin used for cosmetic bonding can fill in lines and cracks for natural-looking and healthy teeth protected from further deterioration.