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Dental Bridges in Sainte-Catherine

A full smile brings confidence and ensures your long-term dental health. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental bridges in Sainte-Catherine. Effective and long-lasting, you can get treatment with Dr. Karim Ghatas at Clinique Dentaire PG.

Our expert dental team is available to provide consultation and treatment to residents in Sainte-Catherine and nearby areas of Saint-Constant, Delson, and Candiac. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and begin the consultation process.

What are Dental Bridges in Sainte-Catherine?

Designed for functional tooth replacement with an attractive aesthetic, dental bridges in Sainte-Catherine are synthetic teeth that bridge the gap where one or several teeth are missing. Dental bridges in Sainte-Catherine can be resin bonded, fixed to dental implants, or supported by surrounding healthy teeth.

  • Traditional dental bridges are replacement teeth supported by healthy teeth on either side. The healthy teeth are crowned at the top to support the replacement as a single unit.
  • Implant-supported bridges use two implants to bridge the gap of one or several missing teeth. The replacement teeth are formed as a single unit and are uniquely shaped to fit your smile.
  • Resin-bonded bridges are affixed by bonding the replacement tooth to the surrounding healthy teeth. Instead of using crowns at the top of teeth, bonding is achieved at the back of the healthy teeth for a natural aesthetic.

We can provide all types of dental bridges in Sainte-Catherine. The right type will depend on your unique case. Implant-supported bridges are typically only needed when several teeth have been lost. Resin-bonded and traditional dental bridges in Sainte-Catherine are used when one or two missing teeth are surrounded by healthy teeth.

Do You Need Dental Bridges in Saint-Constant?

Our clinic is based in Sainte-Catherine and serves families in nearby areas including Saint-Constant. We are known throughout our community for the most reliable dental restorations with excellent aesthetics that create confident smiles.

You will need dental bridges in Saint-Constant if:

  • You want to restore your smile after experiencing tooth loss.
  • Tooth loss has reduced your ability to chew and enjoy food.
  • Tooth loss is interfering with speech.
  • You want to maintain the natural shape and appearance of your face and mouth.
  • Your bite force is poorly distributed.