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Endodontics Treatment in Sainte-Catherine

Endodontics refers to a branch of dentistry focused on injuries and diseases of soft tissues inside the tooth. Endodontics includes treatments designed to save teeth, even when they are compromised with infection. Root canal treatment in Sainte-Catherine is a common form of endodontics treatment.

If you have pain, tenderness, swelling, or gum bleeding around one tooth, you may need endodontics treatment. Learn more about endodontics and get root canal treatment in Sainte-Catherine with Clinique Dentaire PG.

When Should I Visit an Endodontist Near Me?

You’re experiencing pain or swelling around a tooth, and are wondering: should I visit an endodontist near me?

For many patients, the question can arise suddenly. Everyone has different tolerances to pain, and some may only ask “when should I visit an endodontist near me?” once the issue has progressed.

You should visit a General Dentist providing endodontics whenever you have pain localized around a tooth or when there is bleeding or swelling at the gumline. Let’s cover some specific scenarios so you know what to do when asking “when should I visit an endodontist near me?”

  • You have repetitive swelling and drainage of gums around a tooth – this indicates that the pulp is infected and requires treatment. Don’t delay, the treatment can spread to the jawbone and surrounding teeth, causing more complex dental problems.
  • One or more teeth are becoming increasingly sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks. This can indicate a problem with the tooth pulp, or damage to the tooth enamel.
  • You regularly have moderate or severe dental pain. This typically indicates an infection.
  • You have a bump or mouth ulcer on your gum around the tooth root. Mouth ulcers indicate an abscess and advanced dental pulp infection.

If you find yourself wondering “is it time to visit an endodontist near me?”, it’s likely that you need some form of treatment. Even minor issues should be treated early to prevent complications. Your local General Dentist can help.

Visit Dr. Karim Ghatas and his team for endodontics treatments in Sainte-Catherine and nearby areas like Sainte-Constant, Delson, and Candiac. Dr. Ghatas is a General Dentist who can perform non-specialist endodontic procedures.

What’s Involved in Root Canal Treatment in Sainte-Catherine?

When a general dentist or endodontist in Sainte-Catherine diagnoses infected pulp, a root canal will be needed. Root canal treatment in Sainte-Catherine is necessary when the tooth pulp is diseased or damaged. This is typically caused by untreated decay, decay beneath a filling, trauma, gum disease, and sometimes bruxism (teeth grinding).

Root canal treatment in Sainte-Catherine removes the pulp. Decayed material, and infection.

  • Decay and infected nerve tissue, debris, and pus are removed by drilling into the infected tooth.
  • The canals of the tooth root are shaped and disinfected.
  • The canals are filled with a permanent barrier material, like a filling but deeper into the tooth.
  • A restoration like a crown is placed on the tooth to seal it and restore its shape, function, and aesthetic.

Root canal treatment in Sainte-Catherine is pain-free with modern methods and post-operative discomfort is limited.