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Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Sainte-Catherine

Wisdom tooth extractions are among the most performed oral surgeries in Sainte-Catherine. When third molars erupt in an upright position, oral surgery in Sainte-Catherine isn’t typically needed. However, when the teeth are impacted or when there is a mouth abscess present, surgery will be necessary.

For wisdom tooth extractions, trust the experienced team at Clinique Dentaire PG. Dr. Karim Ghatas can perform oral surgery in Sainte-Catherine with a painless procedure and comfortable recovery.

Learn when it’s necessary to have wisdom tooth extraction in Sainte-Catherine and schedule your consultation today.

Does Everyone Need Oral Surgery in Sainte-Catherine for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

Not everyone is born with wisdom teeth. Up to 35% of the global population is born with no wisdom teeth at all. Some people have wisdom teeth on the top, but not the bottom, or the other way around.

For most people, the jaw has finished developing by around 18 years of age, but wisdom teeth won’t erupt until around two years later. In some people, it takes longer for wisdom teeth to appear.

Even in the population that does have these third molars, wisdom tooth extraction in Sainte-Catherine won’t always be needed. There are some signs to watch for to find out if you need wisdom tooth extractions.

You may need wisdom tooth oral surgery in Sainte-Catherine if:

  • You have persistent pain and irritation in the mouth behind your first two molars.
  • You have difficulty eating because of wisdom tooth pain.
  • Your gums are inflamed, sore, and difficult to clean at the back of your mouth.
  • You have sinus issues like congestion and headaches caused by erupting wisdom teeth.
  • You have cavities in erupted wisdom teeth, or cysts cause by mouth abscesses around the teeth.