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With more than 22 years of serving the local community, Clinique Dentaire PG is the best dentist in Sainte-Catherine for your dental needs. We provide a comprehensive range of treatments and preventive dentistry from teeth cleaning and fillings to orthodontics, restorations, and cosmetic procedures. Our team is focused on your long-term health, with treatments designed to protect your teeth and gums from disease and damage.

Talk to us today to schedule your appointment with a kind, compassionate, and experienced dentist in Sainte-Catherine. Dr. Karim Ghatas and Dr. Nitsa Psarra are ready to attend to any of your dental needs.

When Should I Visit a Dentist Near Me?

Routine dental care and preventive treatments can protect your smile and overall oral health for a lifetime. Regular visits to the clinic are your first line of defense against complex dental problems.

Patients often struggle with one key question: when should I visit a dentist near me?

Standard checkups and teeth cleaning are essential and should be scheduled every six months for kids and adults. If you have an existing dental condition, or if you have implants, visits may be scheduled more regularly.

Consider some common cases to know when it’s essential to visit a dentist near me…

  • When should I visit a dentist near me for pain? Dental pain, whether it originates from teeth, gums, or deeper into the jaw, should always be presented to the dentist as soon as is convenient for you.
  • When should I visit a dentist near me for cleaning? You can have teeth cleaning as a preventive dental treatment every six months. If you haven’t had a cleaning in a long time, we recommend a full oral exam so we can evaluate your dental health and develop a long-term treatment plan.
  • When should I visit a dentist near me for cosmetic procedures? A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. If you have concerns around staining, irregularly shaped teeth, gum retention, or other cosmetic issues, you can schedule a consultation at your convenience.